You Can’t Get to the Pinnacle in Life If You’re Stuck at the Bottom
"You're aware of the limits of time. There's a fixed number of hours and time continues no matter what you're doing. You can be lost in reflection of what was and could have been, never to regain that time, or you can look ahead and plan for a better future. It's up to you." For more detail please visit:- I wrote this recently for the one of my everyday motivational messages. I have made this daily routine as an element of beginning my day with reflection and allowing me to get mentally and emotionally focus before I connect to technology to begin my work. The reason I wrote it was easy it's because I'm celebrating a milestone birthday this year and it's prompted a great deal of reflection, almost to the point at time I find myself reflecting too much on my past, and then taking a trip through the past. I understand why it can be so easy to experience feelings of regret and, most importantly it is how letting this go on for so long can hinder people from moving forward both mentally and emotionally. Then I thought of the opposite. What is it that you mean by attain the peak of your life? What is the point at which you consider yourself to have reached the peak of your life's purpose? Are you referring to a career, your life's purpose, both elements or something else? Is it age-based? How do you know when you'll be able to say "This is as good as my life is ever going to get"? The key to achieving this high point is of staying at the bottom of your career, and by that, I am referring to the constant look behind you, to the past, and thinking about the "should have been" or "could have been". When you view your life from the perspective of your past, what it does is to put you in a stale mental state, possibly not even realizing it, and you're not thinking ahead or planning an exciting or different future. Your past will not aid you in your journey, since the knowledge you need to acquire has was already taken place. What can allow you to grow is in front of you. If you ever find yourself experiencing a sense of repulsion, wishing you could learn to anticipate the future or are unsure of what to do for determining the meaning of your life, maybe the information you read will help you begin to change gears and move ahead. What it Means to Reach the Pinnacle in Life The first step was to create a definition of what is the top of their life. I believed this would be beneficial for me, considering the future and determining how my life's purpose is fulfilling. What I believe the pinnacle in our lives is the highest point or the peak of the person you've become and develop into, which is comprised of the sharpened talents and skills acquired as well as the understanding and knowledge of oneself and sharing your expertise with others, and the overall wisdom gained. I do not believe age can be a factor but rather it's a matter of experiences and time that bring to the development, with a willingness to listen and to learn. Do I think I've attained my peak in life? Absolutely not. I'm still engaged in fulfilling the purpose of my life. At this moment, I'm able say I know what the mission is and most importantly, I'm doing everything I can to fulfill it. Also, I'm living a life with meaning and I'm still striving to reach the highest point. It's all about the journey. My attitude can be summarized in the form of "Yes I'm moving forward with my life and growing". If I was continually looking in the back, instead of looking ahead I may have an attitude that says "Yes I should consider the future but there are events which happened and I need to keep thinking about it." It's not like the job or career title is the defining factor of person reaching for the top of their lives or signify that they have reached their highest level of fulfillment. You could, for instance, be an executive at the peak position within your organization, and still not feel fulfilled with your life. You're always thinking about your decisions with regret. I've seen people without any jobs, or even careers as well as those who were in the same position throughout their careers and had not advanced, and they all felt highly satisfied, satisfied and fulfilled to the fullest extent of their potential. It's the reason I think having a job or a profession is not enough of the basis for determining whether you've reached the top of your career. Stages of Development to Reach the Pinnacle This is a way for me deconstruct the various phases that a person is likely to encounter as they progress in life. The majority of people don't seem to know exactly how they are progressing until they're involved in some type of reflection and are striving to achieve self-development. If you're taking this article to read is a sign that at some point that you are looking to improve your self-development, and this can spark discoveries and further advancement within your own life. Cycles of Trial and Error There are common cycles of trial and error that the majority of people go through as they progress through life. One of the most common is the transition from high school into adulthood. This is a time of exploration and there isn't always a clear path present upon graduation, which means it may take a number of attempts to figure out the most appropriate path to follow. While some may look into their options during college, while others may enter the workforce. It could involve a variety of starts and stops, moving from one job or career to the next and these phases of trial and error may not always be planned. It is possible that there are unpredictable events in the process for example, a job loss and, with any event there will be learning. Learning and Discovery As you move through life, and learn, you are also in a state of discovering. This may happen with each period of experimentation and trial, and it also takes place as you grow in knowledge, acquire skills, relocate between jobs, find out about your personal preferences and determine what aspects of your life that you wish to change. It doesn't matter if these discoveries are satisfying or otherwise they are a way to learn more about yourself. This will lead to a greater self-awarenessthat is crucial for progressing in your life. Self-Awareness: The process of becoming aware occurs gradually, since no one is aware of who they are becoming until they're confronted with the reality of who they've become, and are either willing to accept it or alter it. This is a process of forming and refining personal identity, and it can occur more than once throughout a person's life. In the beginning, there is a lot of focus on moving forward and exploring options in response to events rather than focusing on the present. The identity is typically formed in accordance with the roles that are assumed, such as a job, or taking on the roles of a spouse or parent, and so on. As you realize who you are as a person and form an identity as you become aware of your motives and interests. Reflection and Development: I've noticed that the times when I was at my most active in self-reflection happened after trigger certain events. I'm convinced this is a common occurrence for many people. For example, the death of someone close to you could trigger a period of internal reflection on the past and life events. This is also true in other circumstances like losing your job, divorce or anything that is personal in its the nature. It is helpful to reflect when used to look forward with an increased sense of optimism, and a better understanding of how to proceed with a clear mind. If this happens then personal growth is likely to follow. It is also the result of discovery, learning and gaining self-awareness. It might not come about in the easiest manner, especially when life lessons were difficult, however growing can lead to an awakening. The Awakening as well as the Pinnacle: Personal awakenings are the phase in my life that I've been at for the last few years since I've figured out my mission in life as well as engaged in contemplation and have a clear understanding of the future direction I'm focusing on. What's been wonderful to be in this moment of awakening and realizing that I'm yet to reach the pinnacle or apex of my life, is that a job I was offered two years ago that was in line with my goals and purpose. Now I feel this greater sense of fulfillment, and it was the sensation of awakening that prompted it, then the job. Also, I didn't use a job to gauge the growth in my life, or become stuck looking back. This is what moving towards the highest point of your life should be about, awakening to the realization of your purpose in life and what can bring you the most fulfillment.

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