Choosing and Changing Your Destiny, Parental Conditioning and Free Will
Imagine your life as a work with numbers. Importantly, we are talking about painting with numbers, not the blank canvas! Every one of us arrived with a special painting and set of pencils that we could use to color our own work. Each small painting (representing a person's roadmap for a given life time) forms part a larger image and all paintings are incorporated to the larger image (though it isn't often apparent it because our brains are too narrow-minded and self-centered to appreciate this kind of beautiful thing). For more detail please visit:- Now, let's consider the most important aspects of in the continuing painting metaphor. Firstly, we each have an individual painting to tackle and each of us has all the tools we require to complete our painting by the time we die. This means that you are not just a part of your own destiny (your own unique painting) but you also come with all the tools required to realize your dream (all the pencils that you'll need are already available to you as a unique possibility that is inside you). Furthermore, you could or might not complete the painting in the course of your life - for instance, you might get confused and go work on a painting of someone else's or find the right pencils to paint your own (this is possible if continue to look around you or attempt to steal other people's pencils) and you might have to struggle for years to get a different painting to color, believing that you don't exactly like it. On the surface an appeal to all parents out there to all parents: work on your own work, not your kids. This is 100 "do it yourself" job. Try to assist your child in discovering the pencils they need to paint with and beware of the urge to draw it by yourself or try to substitute it with another (better simpler, more pleasant, and easier) painting. Also, be aware of the goals you are imitating your child's goals. Not everybody came here to be involved in activities; some came here to watch (so their paintings are fairly uncomplicated). Even though it looks like you don't get to decide what you paint as it's merely your destiny however, it was your soul that chose said painting, as well as the pencils that you color, so it is your choice to make at the soul level. In addition, you can turn this situation into free will today simply by consciously acknowledging the destiny your soul already chose. Decide today to start working on your own painting with your own unique colors (your unique talent). This is known as "aligning with destiny" or "hearing the call of your soul". How can you achieve that? Practice introspection, contemplation, prayers and meditation. Be quiet in your mind. Be thankful. Also, don't forget to go to therapy as therapy can greatly help you in times of failure. The interesting thing is that your soul didn't choose your painting by numbers. It also chose parents for you to be influenced by and be conditioned by. Your parents (as as every important person you meet later on in your life) are simply showing you how to appreciate yourself (because they reflect your character). Our conflict with our parents lies in the externalization of internal conflicts. Our affection for our parents is our love for ourselves. When we accept our parents fully (who are already ours on a spiritual level) as well as accepting ourselves (with every one of our dark corners). Therefore, the next step in establishing your conscious free will today: pick to accept and love your parents and accept them as they are, for they represent you as well as all the shadows you try to cover up as they help you accept yourself as a whole (not just ones that are the "good" parts that you typically display). Again, how you do this is through meditation, contemplation, and prayer. Be quiet and listen to your inner voice. And if you can't achieve this by yourself visit a therapist, seek assistance. Accepting your parents' values will not only allow you to love yourself, but it will also start to dissolve the conditioning since it is nothing more than an attempt to cover up the shadows (of fear of anger, jealousy or inadequacy, etc.). If you are able to eliminate your conditioning there is your final, third, and final part of your free will. Then you are able to color your painting any way you'd like. If your parents have told you that the sky should be blue but you see it partially red and some orange You have the will to make the sky pinky orange (as as you've got the color pencils you need in your tool kit, obviously). But remember that you can also create pink by mixing red and white Also, you can make orange when you mix red and yellow... endless possibilities as long as we are free of our limitations). To end the story, you do not get to pick a distinct painting to be a part of this lifetime or even different parent, however it's totally up to you how pretty your soul-chosen painting will turn out in the final moments of your life. You can choose which color you prefer, and you can combine your colors and design new ones any way you want. The only thing you have to do is not the place to begin. You begin by eliminating the conditioning by loving what is first. And the more you love what you have and what you are, the more freedom you will be to act differently. Don't try to resist (for what you resist, persists). There is only one way to gain complete access to your free will is by accepting and loving what is. Vyara Bridgeman is an Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner who works with patients from all over the world suffering a variety of physical, mental and emotional ailments.

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