Best Netbooks to Buy in 2010 For Your Teenager
If you're planning to buy computers for your teenager this year take a look at the latest crop of mini-notebooks, also called netbooks, to hit the market. These small computers are sleek modern, stylish and the same as traditional desktop computers. Additionally, they are also more affordable to boot. Because they're not as bulky as desktop PCs or even full-sized laptops netbook computers are amazing gadget for teens. It's practically fashionable for teens to carry them around with no having to worry about being seen as an expert on computers. While it is not an accessory to your wardrobe, carrying an electronic device in your hands gives your teen a tool to perform well at the classroom. Like the name suggests, netbooks are built for one reason - to go online. It is crucial for today's teens to live in virtual worlds with their Internet-connected friends, specifically through various social networking sites. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and an efficient web browser, netbooks help teens broaden their worldviews via the Internet. The Criteria for Making The Right Choice For Netbooks Computers, as with any human device, have specifications that are designed to be used in a specific way. To illustrate, you do not have to buy a power drill that costs $300 if you are only looking to hang a tiny picture frame for your wall. The same way you do not have to buy Taiwan Machine Tools computers with all the bells and whistles of a top of the line business machine, if all your teenager does is communicate with his or her online buddies. Therefore, before you pick the right laptop for your teenager determine first what tasks they'll do using it. Do they intend to use it for only school work and research work? Will they need to play their favorite games within it? How often do they plan to utilize it for watching films or listening to their song collection? Do they have to conduct webcam calls while using it? How much photos and videos will they be able to save on the netbook? By answering the above questions, you get a pretty clear idea of the features or capabilities to look at when shopping for a suitable netbook computer. It can also assist you to choose one that will fit your budget exactly. Three popular netbooks for teens In 2010, a variety of netbooks were released, all geared towards the market for teenagers. Three of these stand out from the rest, based on their capabilities, pricing, and performance. The most popular model from Toshiba, the Mini NB300 series has a standard 10.1 inch LCD display with it has an Intel Atom 1.66 GHz processor as well as a 1GB DDR2 memory, and 160 GB of hard drive. It is Wi-Fi enabled with a webcam and microphone integrated. The Li-Ion battery is rated up to 11 hours. The Seashell model from ASUS has just about the same specs but with some minor variations. It has a 250 GB hard drive, memory that is capable of being expanded to 2GB, it's Bluetooth enabled, and capable of up to 14 hours for power-on times. Dell's Inspiron Mini 10 compares similarly to the other two. However, this netbook is said for its limited six hours of computing which limits its functionality. In closing to conclude, the best netbooks for teens are the ones they decide to purchase for themselves. So take the time to shop around for your teen's netbook as a family of parent and child but let them pick which one to buy.

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