Make Your Day and Get Out of Your Way!
Sometimes, we have to step out of our comfort zone and take a risk. However, fear of failure, of being laughed at by others, being viewed as unpopular, and perceived as a bad thing, can prevent us from pushing ourselves to the edge and hinder our progress towards acquiring new abilities, skills and life experiences. It can lead us to resist offers to try out new places and things and to take a chance or speak at an event, due to anxiety or fear of what might happen. It's easy to question ourselves and think about a 'what if' story. We may be unsure of what to say or do, are concerned about appearing silly or being uncomfortable. Others also have those anxieties and worries, and it can inspire and encourage them to have a go when they observe someone else taking a chance, refusing to get stuck in their Gemstagram own ways and not fretting too much about the potential negative consequences. People are generally grateful and encourage those who make the effort to do something, so why not choose to take a few positive steps, stop hi-jacking ourselves, and embrace the chance to step out of our comfortable zone! - Start small. By taking one step at one time, you gradually Trending News build up your confidence. If you have social anxiety rather than agreeing to eat at a bustling ultra-smart establishment, why not first get used to having meals and coffees during busy times of the day? Find ways to do the things in your own way, create your own schedule and leave your worries behind! Make yourself comfortable with different people, and then going out. If you've a meeting, interview or presentation, try gathering several bullet points. You can also practice before the mirror or with a small, supportive audience. Pay attention to the areas which you're not sure about. - Be consciousof the way you speak to yourself. You're probably our biggest critics when we scold our self in ways that we wouldn't think of doing to other people. Instead, tell yourself that you're capable of doing it and it's worth it. that people aren't as keen or as involved in the work MT4 Indicators you do as much as you are; all ways to aid in the process of overcoming the initial hesitations and doubts. - Resolve areas that feel neglectedor which require a little help. Use this opportunity as the motive to enhance your appearance, dress, update your image, increase your communication skills or education. It may take some effort, but the investment will be repaid by enhancing your lifestyle and making you feel more engaged in the quality of your day-today engagements. -- Stay up-to-date to local information and popular television shows, so enabling you to find it relatively simple to participate in conversations and make connections with other people. Or ask people 'tame' questions about their vacations or how they spend their time. They are fairly safe approaches to starting conversations. - Enlist the helpof a supportive friend or family member counselor, therapist or mentor, someone who's with you and will encourage you and sometimes congratulating you for your work or giving you a nudge to keep going. Be open to the possibility of that happening and accept constructive feedback and suggestions. It's sometimes surprising to see how different people see us, compared to how we see ourselves. Create a curious and open-minded attitude by doing something different and challenging every day, making you think outside of your familiar zone. This could mean taking an entirely different route to work, cooking something you've never attempted before for dinner. Find ways to create a positive, exciting and engaging way of life and be enthralled the journey it takes you on. - Value opportunities to say "yes"to invitations and to explore new experiences and relationships. The simple act of agreeing to take on tasks that don't initially seem appealing could lead to unexpected success and exciting experiences. Sometimes, saying 'no' is a positive thing when it prevents you from getting overwhelmed and exhausted. If we step out of our personal space We stop thinking about how other people view usor how to keep them happy. We no longer look at the simple options in life or justifying ways to not do things. Moving with the flow lets us to fully enjoy the present and feel excited about trying something new. When you are able to get out of the way, you will bring joy to your life! Susan Leigh, Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship coach as well as a writer and media contributor. assists with relationship issues including managing stress, assertiveness and confidence. She assists clients on an individual basis and couples, as well as providing seminars for corporations and offers support. She's the author of three books, 'Dealing Stress and Managing the Impact', '101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday' as well as "Dealing with Death: Coping with the pain'. All available accessible on Amazon & with easy to read sections, tips and suggestions to help you feel more positive about your life.

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