How To Promote Your Blog
If you're not sure what to do to promote your blog and get it noticed, this article is suitable for you. There are many people out there with blogs especially in our industry however many struggle to gain feedback and get traffic. There are three major reasons:
  1. They did not make the necessary steps to set up their blog properly, and they did not have an initial Blog Promotion Strategy
  2. They do not have a continuous blog Promotion Strategy
  3. They do not blog consistently.
I'll go over the issues one at a time and give you a systematic strategy, so that you be able to follow the steps step-by-step on how to market your blog. How to Market Your Blog A Systematic Method I'm going to make an assumption here , if you're trying to promote your blog, that you have a self-hosted wordpress blog. It is not an account hosted by Your website is hosted by an account you own, meaning it is hosted through a hosting provider such as HostGator and Dreamhost. It's not the blog or a Drupal or Joomla website. This isn't to say that Drupal or Joomla aren't great, but I'm just not familiar with the formats and prefer to stay within my realm of knowledge. Self-hosted wordpress blogs are pretty much the standard for our industry for their ease of use flexible, adaptability, and expansion, so if you are not already using one, I suggest to do it when you can. For more detail please visit >>> The blog promotion strategy will be broken into two phases, and two articles. The first article will address Phase 1: the Initial Blog Promotion Strategy. This is a one-time event that takes place before you begin blogging regularly to make sure you have the plugins you need installed and you've taken proper steps to ensure that the site is ready to be promoted. The subsequent article will go over the second phase 2 that is the ongoing blog promotion Strategy. A checklist you should complete each when you write a blog post, to ensure you receive exposure, traffic in the form of comments, opt-ins shares and good search engine rankings. I will not go too deep into SEO in this article, but I do plan to write another article about my top recommendations to optimize your blog posts to increase SEO visibility. Now that we have this in mind, let's move to Phase 1. Promoting Your Blog - Phase 1: Initial Promotion Strategy
  1. Create the ping list A Ping list is a list of websites which are able to listen for new content to be added to the internet. One of your first actions should be to set up your ping list using this list from the Ping options that WordPress provides. It is possible to find a helpful list at After you've copied that list you need to paste it into the section titled 'Writing' of your WordPress blog settings. In your dashboard, go to Settings>Writing. Then, paste the list into the box titled 'Update Services This is it. When you publish an update to your blog, each of these services will be notified and you'll start seeing visitors to your blog.
  2. Set up Feedburner: Feedburner makes it possible for your users to subscribe to your blog's new content. You want people who enjoy your content to come back to your site, and Feedburner provides them with a means to sign up to your blog and get notified every time you release new material. This brings you more traffic than when they have to remember to visit your blog regularly. To setup Feedburner you just need to go to and create an account. You'll need to provide the URL of your feed . This usually will be There are other options that you can experiment with, but, by submitting to feedburner, you're pretty much ready for your readers to subscribe to your content.
  3. Install a reputable SEO plugin: There are several paid and free Plugins that will help you make sure that every blog post you publish contains certain elements that will make it more attractive for search engine spiders. I am at present using WordPress SEO by Yoast that is a free plugin. Another alternative would be SEO Pressor, which is a paid option but offers greater functionality and automation. These plugins help you ensure your SEO on the web is running smoothly.
  4. Submission of your RSS Feed or Blog to Directors: The goal of submitting your RSS Feed and Blog to directories is similar to keeping a ping list. The RSS feed and URL to notify different directories that your blog exists and to ensure that they are updated with the latest content. These directories are viewed by those seeking the kind of content you offer. The most crucial part of this process is to ensure you submit to the proper category, to match your content to your target audience. A quick search on Google will reveal a wealth of directories for RSS and blogs that allow you to submit your website and your feed. There are both free and paid choices. Some sites will require reciprocal links. There are services that submit directories for you, which can be a good deal, if your budget allows.
  5. Register for social Bookmarking AccountsSocial Bookmarking will be similar to the bookmarking you perform in your internet browser however, you are able to do it publically on a web page. This makes the pages that you bookmark public to people who share your interests on that particular site. This means that people with whom you have common preferences will be notified of new blog posts by bookmarking them. This will bring more visitors to your website since they are likely to share the same interests as you and could be interested in the content you're reading or saving. One tip to social bookmarking is not to only bookmark your own publications, so as to not appear self-serving. Be genuine in the articles that you bookmark. Also, you should bookmark articles from multiple sources that are not your own. It is also essential to network and connect with others on social networks so that your existing reach expands and you gain more traffic. Some of the most well-known social bookmarking websites are reddit, digg delicious, Diigo, and hubpages. Social bookmarking sites are getting replaced by Facebook and Twitter as the primary sharing sites, however they are still useful for getting traffic.

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